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No one can deny the fact that eating is a significant part of Singaporean culture. Singaporeans do not eat simply for the sake of filling their stomachs; rather, it is a reflection of the Singaporean lifestyle. From a variety of hawker centers to fine dining, there is never a lack of places to go to for dinner in Singapore. No matter the reasons, be it whether the limited forms of entertainment available in Singapore, or the inborn love of food in every Singapore, eating is a part of every Singaporean’s lifestyle.

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A big part of our lifestyle is reflected in our choices of places to eat dinner. For example, a person who has a more limited income, like students, would probably choose to eat in hawker centers or food courts, instead of choosing fine dining. On the other hand, someone who has more spending power and indulges in a more luxurious lifestyle may choose fine dining over eating in hawker centers. Another way that our choice of eating places reflects our lifestyle is illustrated by the fact that some people may choose fast food outlets due to their hectic schedules and lack of time to sit down and slowly enjoy a meal. In Singapore’s fast-paced society, fast food outlets here never suffer from a lack of business. Just like other habits in our lives and choices we make, the places people choose to dine at are also examples of how we choose to live our lives, and are indicative of our lifestyles. This said, some people might also choose to dine in certain places, to illustrate or attempt to show people their ‘lifestyles’. For example, a person who has just entered the workforce may not usually dine at fine restaurants, but when dining with his boss, or a client, may choose fine dining in order to show others that he has the means to dine there.

Not only the choice of eating-place is indicative of a person’s lifestyle; a person’s choice of eating partners also reflects his or her lifestyle. A person who is more family-oriented may choose to dine at home, or dine out with his family, in order to spend more time with his family. However, a more career-minded person would probably choose to dine with his business associates in order to build up his network of contacts, and so as to become more business savvy. This illustrates how a person’s choice of people that he dines with also reflects his lifestyles, values and mindset.

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Furthermore, a person’s choice of food is also representative of his lifestyle. Someone who is more afraid to try new things and would rather stick to what he knows would probably eat the same kinds of food, whereas someone who is more adventurous would not be afraid to try all different kinds of food and venture out from the more common types of food. This, once again, shows how someone’s lifestyle is reflected through the several choices he makes with regards to food.